CE Beyond Control Leash [G4D340]

$24.10 USD
Product Description

Our multi-purpose Beyond Control Leash allows for both regular and hands-free use. Fully adjustable for almost every scenario!


  • Made from ultra-soft climbing grade tubular webbing
  • Adjustable from 4’ to 8’
  • Padded control handle to keep your dog close when needed (on 1" wide leash only) 
  • Adjustable both around the waist and to the dog
  • Stainless steel O-rings and D-rings
  • Double ended snap hooks  
  • Can be used as a temporary tie out 
  • Can be used as a coupler 
  • Proudly made in Vancouver, BC, Canada


3/4 x 896 in (244 cm)3/4 in (2 cm)32.00 CAD
1 x 896 in (244 cm)1 in (2.5 cm)36.00 CAD


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