RC Slip Lead [G4D513]

$11.30 USD
Product Description

A favourite amongst dog trainers and behaviourists, our new Slip Lead simply loops over your dog's head and tightens behind your dog's ears to provide maximum control. Our Slip Lead is also considered an excellent training aid as it provides quick, concise correction as you walk.

  • 2 in 1: Fashionable dog leash and slip-on collar
  • Dog collar and other accessories are not required
  • Soft-quality, light-weight and durable nylon webbing
  • Additional webbing stopper helps to keep the neck loop in place
  • Reflective RC Pets signature label and stitching is visible up to 25 meters
  • Hardware is stainless steel for added strength
  •  Available in 3/4" x 6' and 1" x 6' and multiple colours
  • Durable and machine washable


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