Sizing Tips

Trying to figure out what size of COAT to pick for your dog? Here's some quick easy tips:

  • The important measurements for determining a coat size are LENGTH (from the collar to the base of the tail), GIRTH (right around the deepest part of the chest) and NECK.  Each style of coat has guidelines for using these measurements.

Thinking about a set of BOOTS for your pooch? 

  • Your dog's boots should fit much like our shoes: snug but not tight!  Too loose and the boots will shift forward or spin on the foot.  If your dog has fluffy feet make sure you measure the actual paw and not the fluff!
  • And remember to measure all 4 paws because quite often a dog will wear 2 different sizes on the his front and back paws!  And we are happy to split a set to get the fit you need.

Please take your time and do these measurements accurately to avoid selecting the wrong size.  When in doubt, give us a shout!  Email the measurements and the product you are considering to us: and we'll help determine the right fit!